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UEG daje stipendije za boravak u europskim centrima izvrsnosti! Također traži mlade koji bi se voljeli uključiti u rad UEG-a. Prijeve su do 9. veljače . . . požurite . . 


Visiting Fellowship Programme

UEG supports trainees in gastroenterology with five Visiting Fellowships to spend two weeks at a renowned European training centre. Each trainee receives € 2,000 to contribute to travel and accommodation costs.
With this programme, we aim to increase the interaction between young clinicians and prestigious EU centres, as well as to create new windows of clinical and scientific collaboration.
Application is open until February 7, 2016
Find out more at http://www.ueg.eu/awards-grants/ueg-awards/visiting-fellowship/

Get involved with the work of Young Talent Group

The Young Talent Group looks for 3 young and proactive volunteers that are motivated to help shape and innovate current and future UEG initiatives and further strengthen the voice of young gastroenterologists in the work of the UEG. Their term of office will start on January 1, 2017 and end on December 31, 2018.
Application is open until February 7, 2016.
Find out more at  https://www.ueg.eu/about-ueg/open-calls/